Hmation provides 100% support for the device installation and aftersales support. So don’t worry and enjoy the smart home.

Smart Home

HAD converts your home to smart home. connect with internet and access the home appliances anywhere in the world.

Save Energy

HMATION saves your electricity bills as by using mobile app you can monitor/operate your appliance from anywhere of the world.


Our device is optimised to work with indian standards switch boards and electricity.


Super powerful & easy to use.

Employee-&-Vehicle-Tracking system

hmation is existing in the field as the prominent solution provider for GPS Tracking Device in India. We have advanced real time GPS tracking system that has been a great means of support to our valuable clients all over the country. hmation has distinct form of tracking and navigation systems such as kids GPS tracker, fleet tracking system using GPS, car tracking system and many more.

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Can’t Uninstall without admin
  • Mobile App
  • GPS and GSM both location
  • Daily Reports
  • History Up to 2 Months
  • History Play Back Feature
  • Easy to Use
  • Many More
    1. Do you see a trust deficit between your field staff and supervisor?
    2. Are your customers, denying service delivery receipts?
    3. Are you unsure that the service/product is being actually delivered in the field on time and with expected quality?
    4. Is your supervisor making optimal use of staff?
    5. Are you compensating travel allowances proportionate to actual travel?
    6. How do you centrally manage the attendance of your remote/branch office staff?
    7. Do you know the best performers of your team?
  • What Employee Tracking System does for you ?
  1. A comprehensive solution specially designed for employees working in the field.
  2. Live tracking and past history of employee movement, including total distance traveled for a given time window.
  3. View the route taken by the employee on Google Map with speed and device battery condition.
  4. Configure Geo Fence for arrival and departure report for locations of interest.
  5. Get a report on stop time summary to estimate the performance of the employee.
  6. Allows you to optimize work allocation based on location of staff.
  7. Allows you to manage their work in a simple and transparent way.

a.       Organizational Transparency
b.       Organizational Trust
c.        Efficiency and Performance
d.       Business Growth
e.       Improved Product and Service Delivery
f.        Satisfied Customers

  1. Works with most Android devices with or without GPS.
  2. Live tracking with very good(5 to 10 meters) accuracy.
  3. Respects individual’s privacy so no legal complications.
  4. Very easy and quick implementation.
  5. Highly optimized for battery and data usage(approx. 50 MB per month).
  6. Offline mode (Works without network also)
  7. Assign and manage employee work in real time.
  8. Supports hundreds of employees in a single account.
  9. Controlled access to various application users.
  10. Robust reporting.
  11. Can Integrate with existing ERP/CRM systems.
Large Man Looking At Co-Worker With A Magnifying Glass --- Image by ©
Close up of a hand holding a stopwatch thats stopped at 60/100th of a second Isolated on a white background...AYJG8J Close up of a hand holding a stopwatch thats stopped at 60/100th of a second Isolated on a white background
  1. The Employee Tracking solution consist of
    1. Advanced UI to live monitor all the employees’ movement in the field.
    2. UI for account administrator to manage
  1. devices, groups, supervisors and Geo-fence.
    1. o Android app is installed on employee phone
  1. For running location tracking service.
  2. For maintaining and updating the work/tasks on day to day basis.
  • For receiving notifications in real time.
  1. Various reports to view and download at the employee and group level.
  2. Sophisticated UI(User Interface) to view and manage tasks for the employees.
  3. Supervisors to monitor employee movement, allocate tasks and send message to employees from any Smartphone.
  4. API(Application Programming Interface) for integration of platform with existing system.

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